Benefits of Traveling Abroad


Despite the many benefits of traveling abroad, 29% of American adults have never left the United States. The reason is sometimes financial, but I truly believe that anyone with the means to travel should grasp every opportunity.

Health Benefits

NBC recently posted an article outlining how traveling abroad is proven to improve your health. Turns out, women who vacation at least twice per year have a significantly lower risk of suffering a heart attack, and are also less likely to suffer from depression.

This might be because travel is a means of stress relief. Bumps in the road are an exception, but taking a hiatus from everyday life has a therapeutic effect. International travel has also been shown to boost creativity, happiness and satisfaction. In my opinion, this makes buying a plane ticket more valuable than investing in material possessions.

Additional Benefits

Traveling abroad makes you more aware of other cultures, giving you a new perspective. Meeting people from different cultures and societies will also educate you on the customs of that area. Textbooks are great for learning about international topics, but nothing beats the real thing.

International travel might also improve your communication skills. If you’re going to a country where you’re not fluent in the native language, you learn to adapt. You could also improve your knowledge of the language on your trip.

Above all, traveling abroad will provide you with memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re traveling alone or with company, you’ll always have stories to tell from your trip.


Originally published on my personal website.